Thursday, December 24, 2009

Birthday Bowl

wearing diy feather headband, H&M dress, Target tights, bowling shoes!

Oh birthday, how you came and went... So to start it off, I had my jacket, sweater, scarf and BRAND NEW FUCKING PHONE stolen by some dudes who did birthday shots with me. If I see them, my heel is going into their balls. Aside, I had an awesome day planned. We kicked off the day with breakfast at my loves (Lori and Todd - my bf), got a bangin' haircut by my co-worker Elena then Todd took me to get a sewing machine! YESS. He rules, mang. After that we went bowling, where I decided to hand my bf's ass to him. 148 high score! Got free food and drinks at Jimmie's then danced the night away.

Hello 24.