Thursday, October 21, 2010

Views From Above and Below


Ah, San Francisco, city on the bay, apple of my eye, instigator of empty I missed thee.
I am here soaking in the clouds, fog and just all around mini escape from New York. Not like there's anything drastically wrong or terrible about Nyc but it's definitely nice to get out when one can.

I'm staying in Soma, right across the street from Tenderloin. I spent most of yesterday sick in bed, went to a bar called Knoc-Knoc which resembled a cave Keith Haring might or would have liked to get stuck in. That ended quickly but was followed with many episodes of Dexter.

Determined to beat my nasty little head cold I set off for the Mission District today in search of ALL THINGS THRIFT. Goodwill sucked some pretty deep balls. Spent a good amount of time there just trying to sell myself on pieces that were pretty flat. So I moved on to Thrift Town, Buffalo Exchange and some really kooky vintage shop that FINALLY has the hat I'd been searching so long for and not having to pay $50 bones for. The rain started to spatter so I made my way into a fantastic joint called The Crepe House where I very gladly indulged in a nutella, strawberry ice cream crepe sent all the way from heaven.

Tomorrow is definitely round 2 of thriftscapade but this time on Haight-Ashbury. Hide your goods, Cali. I'm here to loot.