Wednesday, December 16, 2009


i am not a bad mother, i swear. just kinda got back from new york where i went to pick up some things for my soon to be shop, hang with my girl Kiley and take care of some other businesses. however while galivanting arm in arm with Kiley and Buddy following suit, this fellow by the name of Yvan Rodic snapped our photos and told us our dog was "horny for my sandwich", which said boy had been eating. if you don't know, Buddy is a huge celebrity in most circles... turns out he's the Facehunter! he posted this to his personal blog :

photocred : Yvan Rodic

in other news i have been busy christmas shopping and this year's gonna be a good one!
my birthday is in 4 days, i am getting old but not old enough to fit into some tight little number and shimmy the night away, heeeyyooo!

my wishlist up next ;)

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