Thursday, December 24, 2009

Birthday Bowl

wearing diy feather headband, H&M dress, Target tights, bowling shoes!

Oh birthday, how you came and went... So to start it off, I had my jacket, sweater, scarf and BRAND NEW FUCKING PHONE stolen by some dudes who did birthday shots with me. If I see them, my heel is going into their balls. Aside, I had an awesome day planned. We kicked off the day with breakfast at my loves (Lori and Todd - my bf), got a bangin' haircut by my co-worker Elena then Todd took me to get a sewing machine! YESS. He rules, mang. After that we went bowling, where I decided to hand my bf's ass to him. 148 high score! Got free food and drinks at Jimmie's then danced the night away.

Hello 24.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Heavy Rotation

I listen to music sometimes. Most of the time, it is really good. Bragging rights aside these have been some artists I just can't seem to get enough of, even though I am pretty sure they have had enough of me.

2)White Town
3)Devendra Banhart
4)Rio En Medio
5)Machine Drum
8)Brigitte Bardot
9)Hanne Hukkelburg
10)The Breeders
11)Fleet Foxes

Friday, December 18, 2009

Preparing for an extravagant birthday.

Tis the time of the year where my birthday rolls around the corner, and I am yet another number.
Taken I am not as worried about this one as much as the next (the dreaded 25, dun dun DUNN, add a glaring chipmunk) sooo to breeze that notion off my mind I have gone a' splurgin'.

Usually, I am not one of those girls (hussies) that spends a ridiculous amount of time and money on make-up products. I tend to prefer clothes. WEAKNESS. However today was a completely different story. I popped over to the Cos Bar here in Aspen just to peek my head in to see if I could find some excessive birthday accoutrements and mission was a success!

I had never experimented in the art of red lipping it for the sheer fact that I could never find a color to match my complexion, being a mulatta, caramel lady of the night. But today my savior came in the form of a very heavy eyed youngin' named Haley oh, and Chanel of course.

1)Bobbi Brown shadow in Midnight (I was looking for a shiny blue black)
2)Shu Uemura owl feather eyelashes (when I saw these I nearly fell a few times)
3)Chanel Rouge Allure in Dragon (at last!)
4)NARS the Multiple in Copacabana (been meaning to get this hot stick for quite some time)

Ahhh. Splurge over. Now to assess the damage of my bank account and continue the awesome that is to ensue on the glorious day of December the 20th.

Pics later ;)

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


1.BB & SG record
2. a sewing machine
3.a decent leather portfolio
4.lace pants
5.elizabeth and james knuckle ring
6.christophe kutner studded dress
7.sam edelman zoe boot ( which i already purchased for myself har)
8.iro yadam pant
9.shu uemura silver eye shadow
10. a Goldendoodle :D


i am not a bad mother, i swear. just kinda got back from new york where i went to pick up some things for my soon to be shop, hang with my girl Kiley and take care of some other businesses. however while galivanting arm in arm with Kiley and Buddy following suit, this fellow by the name of Yvan Rodic snapped our photos and told us our dog was "horny for my sandwich", which said boy had been eating. if you don't know, Buddy is a huge celebrity in most circles... turns out he's the Facehunter! he posted this to his personal blog :

photocred : Yvan Rodic

in other news i have been busy christmas shopping and this year's gonna be a good one!
my birthday is in 4 days, i am getting old but not old enough to fit into some tight little number and shimmy the night away, heeeyyooo!

my wishlist up next ;)