Monday, September 13, 2010

Catch Ups

(H&M blouse, assorted rings, leather cuff a gift from my bf from Turkey, vintage suede fringe purse, lei jeans, target boots and belt from Built By Wendy)

Been totally spacing on posting my outfits. Silly girl. Here is what I wore when I went on an interview for my current job. Things have been great! Fashion's Night Out I hung out with my coworker and new friend Hannah Ongley of and my friend Dan who works for VH1 AND we met and took pictures with one of the most amazing women ever, thee Diane von Furstenburg!!

It was glorious and fun. Skipped around and had a bloody good time. I had found this amazingly beaded floor length vintage dress for only $15 the night before. I should have pictures of it soon.  


Thursday, September 9, 2010

Trumpeting the Emergence of Fall

Ah, it's almost that time again where you pull out all of your heavy knits, sweaters, pants and jackets from the abyss of storage. Although it's easy to start sifting through your grays, charcoals and blacks...let's take a little walk, shall we through some new takes on fall's absorbent color schemes. Red & nude. 'Oh!' You say? Quite the sexy little combo one can only agree. Here are a few takes on the up & up choice of Harvest hues.

all images via stockholmstreetstyle


I'm sorry, but did Opening Ceremony really just make a pair of clog boots? And velvet ones at that?
Well, in any case, I am going to buy a black mask and a crobar and I just might break into OC Headquarters and maybe, just maybe (don't know for certain yet, contemplating life in jail with a pair of velvet clog boots) they might go missing.

I mean, just sayin...