Monday, November 22, 2010

Sunday, November 21, 2010

let's keep it underground

So my birthday is next month and I was looking at these gorgeous zapatos and thinking oh hey, someone should get that for me since I'm going to be 25 and all. I mean it's only logical right? Don't act like you wouldn't want to see me strutting down the LES with those puppies on. Crrreeeeeaaaammmm.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Views From Above and Below


Ah, San Francisco, city on the bay, apple of my eye, instigator of empty I missed thee.
I am here soaking in the clouds, fog and just all around mini escape from New York. Not like there's anything drastically wrong or terrible about Nyc but it's definitely nice to get out when one can.

I'm staying in Soma, right across the street from Tenderloin. I spent most of yesterday sick in bed, went to a bar called Knoc-Knoc which resembled a cave Keith Haring might or would have liked to get stuck in. That ended quickly but was followed with many episodes of Dexter.

Determined to beat my nasty little head cold I set off for the Mission District today in search of ALL THINGS THRIFT. Goodwill sucked some pretty deep balls. Spent a good amount of time there just trying to sell myself on pieces that were pretty flat. So I moved on to Thrift Town, Buffalo Exchange and some really kooky vintage shop that FINALLY has the hat I'd been searching so long for and not having to pay $50 bones for. The rain started to spatter so I made my way into a fantastic joint called The Crepe House where I very gladly indulged in a nutella, strawberry ice cream crepe sent all the way from heaven.

Tomorrow is definitely round 2 of thriftscapade but this time on Haight-Ashbury. Hide your goods, Cali. I'm here to loot.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Catch Ups

(H&M blouse, assorted rings, leather cuff a gift from my bf from Turkey, vintage suede fringe purse, lei jeans, target boots and belt from Built By Wendy)

Been totally spacing on posting my outfits. Silly girl. Here is what I wore when I went on an interview for my current job. Things have been great! Fashion's Night Out I hung out with my coworker and new friend Hannah Ongley of and my friend Dan who works for VH1 AND we met and took pictures with one of the most amazing women ever, thee Diane von Furstenburg!!

It was glorious and fun. Skipped around and had a bloody good time. I had found this amazingly beaded floor length vintage dress for only $15 the night before. I should have pictures of it soon.  


Thursday, September 9, 2010

Trumpeting the Emergence of Fall

Ah, it's almost that time again where you pull out all of your heavy knits, sweaters, pants and jackets from the abyss of storage. Although it's easy to start sifting through your grays, charcoals and blacks...let's take a little walk, shall we through some new takes on fall's absorbent color schemes. Red & nude. 'Oh!' You say? Quite the sexy little combo one can only agree. Here are a few takes on the up & up choice of Harvest hues.

all images via stockholmstreetstyle


I'm sorry, but did Opening Ceremony really just make a pair of clog boots? And velvet ones at that?
Well, in any case, I am going to buy a black mask and a crobar and I just might break into OC Headquarters and maybe, just maybe (don't know for certain yet, contemplating life in jail with a pair of velvet clog boots) they might go missing.

I mean, just sayin...

Saturday, August 14, 2010

all eyes on asos

all from


Say hello to the Curvate Corset Dress which I have been eyeing and unabashedly drooling over on via VPL.
It's just so perfect. Daytime, nighttime, cocktail party, interview, it's just grand. And I especially like the nudey, bare colours since fall is right around the corner. It just needs to be mine. Now to drop $150...

Friday, August 13, 2010

purple people

I ended up walking 4 miles yesterday (which I probably do a whole lot more of in NY) and hopped over to the Salvation Army for a little tete-a-tete with the racks. I picked, sorted, snubbed and loved a few pieces but when it came down to it I just stuck to the ones that really screamed 'TINAAAA'. And so the register rang. I managed to take home 2 silk tops, an oversized military button down, 2 pairs of silk slacks and, printed shorts and a crazy looking oversized blazer...oh and 2 dead watches. Yeessss.

So with all of this I really wanted to start working on building items for my future store. With all good and productive intentions I decided the purple slacks indeed needed a change. They are now shorts! I'm always inspired by the swishy, silky shorts and pants specifically used in Dries Van Noten's runway lines and I just felt like every girl wants a pair of swish and soft semi-formal shorts in their wardrobe.

I'm still working on hemming the raw edges and shortening them a bit, here's a sneak peak at some of what I have done today:

before ^

after-ish ^

More to come!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

on the homefront

Decided to come back to Maryland for a couple of days for some very much needed one-on-mom time.
I feel like it recoups the soul. Always puts things into perspective. However, I never forgot about the massive deals
while here so I did a bit of ye old shopping. Purchased a nifty pair of dusty Texas boots (as seen below) as well as my usual
make up and 2 pairs of cheap ass but lovely looking jeans. Cheers!

More to tell when my brain begins to function properly once more.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

never break the chain

Stevie Nicks

lust me tender

(great lakes prism paperweight, erica weiner herkimer diamond solitaire ring, karen walker derby doomsday sunglasses, rumi neely x rvca machinery dress, grigio suede platform shoes)