Friday, October 30, 2009



last night i went to work looking like this :

yes yes, yall, none other than the one and only Foxy Brown. now pam grier might have better boobs but i am not complaining. boobs will be boobs. on a very happy note, the boy and i stopped the thrift store today to accumulate some items to top off his costume with no success. ah, but not for me! i found the wicked, retardly awesome vintage fringed out bodysuit by Moschino. it's so good it hurts. i will take some photos of it later really just speaks for itself. saw a couple of sexy chubbys in there as well but i have to wait until after my trip to Cali to even begin thinking about those.

this is what i wore today :

Mossimo knit cardi - Beacon's Closet NYC
Gantos 80's African print romper - thrifted in Aspen
AA shiny leggings
BF's thick snow socks
Ebay shiny
Gold cuff thrifted in MD

I miss my NYC :(

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Instant Karma

hat - walmart (i know right?) glasses - in some shop in boulder , blazer - gap sweater - vintage cashmere maxmara - thrifted , jeans - dvb , ankle boots - baby blue suede -rugged warehouse

Sorry about the shit quality but I'm having cam issues. In lieu of my adoration, I continue my quest to look as much like the lovechild of John & Yoko as much as possible, I bring you this. Planning and prepping my trip for California. Leaving on the 2nd and doing a huge loop. Pretty stoked about this seeing as last time I left this state, I did a grande ole tour stemming from Vegas, Hawaii (Big Island and Maui for a month), back to Vegas, Missouri (boyfriend's family reunion -- which was unexpectedly fun) back to Aspen.

This should fare to be a good trip.

Anyone want to meet up on the West Coast?

Here's the goal:

8 1/2

Watched 1963's "8 1/2" by Federico Fellini last night and could not stop gawking at the shades and glasses on these people. The premise of the movie was pretty plotless (purposely) and followed the life of a famous director in the works of producing a new film with no real substance except for that of his own. The movie was basically self-centered and revolved solely on the main character's inability to come to terms with his lies and his failures.

The film was aight but I do believe the glasses deserve an Oscar.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Well We All Shine On

Dear John & Yoko...I love you, now and forever.

Long time no talk. No real stability but slow season has reared it's head and now I have plenty.
Speaking of the Lennon's, on my birthday 2 years ago I met Sean on the street( where I was meeting up with my friend Didi -- from Brazilian Girls fame and Cavassa. held him so tightly and then went to this crazy party in my friend Cavassa's studio, I played the bass while he played the drums, then we snatched my roommate (Sarah), went into to the bathroom and made out.

Sounds farfetched but it could have singularly been the best night of my entire life. Enough of the admiration.
The boy and I had watched a shitton of Lennon films so we decided to be John and Yoko this Saturday for Halloween.
Found these pretty wicked pair of blue and white paisley pants so now I'm looking for a top.

What are you going to be?