Friday, February 25, 2011

A maniac's response to Radiohead - Lotus Flower

oh yeah i made this today :)

Outfit last weekend

girrrl please...

(forever21 wooly sweater, american apparel cropped tank, h&m high waisted skinny jeans, f21 boots, vintage suede patchwork bag)


So although the weather still straddles the lame border Spring is indeed just around the bend. That being said, that never stops me from looking/purchasing boots and such that in turn will rock the hell out of come spring and summer. I am a lady who loves a good boot. I found these cowhide Franco Sarto bootsies on Ebay and I can honestly say I love. It sort of has an dowtown Annie Hall feel.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Valentine's Day came and went and my bestie and I couldn't have been happier than spending the day together in the warm sun + amazing temperature. We headed to Union Square to buy cute and sexy undergarments, look at make up and eat some very cheap and tasty sushi.

It's all about the girl love.