Friday, January 21, 2011

Hi, it's me...really it is. I know I know, I've been a lazy and horrible parent but honestly, my tumblr is more aesthetically pleasing than you are. It cares about my needs. But regardless, I can't go off and abondon you like this so I thought I would give you a little sugar.

I'm a creep. :D

So I did some serious ME shopping sort of. My iphone 3g is so cracked and slow that I almost threw it into the escalator shredder as I was getting on the train. So I went to Staten Island (vom) and met up with this craiglist fellow and purchased the 3gs with yet again cracking, but very light.

But before I could finish said transaction I stopped into JCPenney to whizz and saw a delightful sale on liter sized shampoo and conditioner. And the good stuff. So I dropped some bills on that and as I was exciting I saw the Clinique beauty stand glowing from the corner of my eye. So I dropped more on their Acne Solutions 3-in-1. I remember as a kid that stuff really helped out my acne and now my skin has been looking really shifty.

Ah, productivity.