Tuesday, August 10, 2010

on the homefront

Decided to come back to Maryland for a couple of days for some very much needed one-on-mom time.
I feel like it recoups the soul. Always puts things into perspective. However, I never forgot about the massive deals
while here so I did a bit of ye old shopping. Purchased a nifty pair of dusty Texas boots (as seen below) as well as my usual
make up and 2 pairs of cheap ass but lovely looking jeans. Cheers!

More to tell when my brain begins to function properly once more.


  1. lady....i miss your internet face! isn't that weird. we've never actually seen each other's faces. anyway. i'm on the hunt for cheap ass hot damn jeans...do tell. jeans seem to give me square butt or cowgirl ass (the latter i'm not so pissed about, but....)

  2. I miss you so! I know exactly what you mean about internet face. I hath missed yours. I saw we exchange infos for chat times! I found the jeans for $7 a pop at Target and honestly, I was pretty shocked and awed. Good fit and good colors.