Friday, October 30, 2009


last night i went to work looking like this :

yes yes, yall, none other than the one and only Foxy Brown. now pam grier might have better boobs but i am not complaining. boobs will be boobs. on a very happy note, the boy and i stopped the thrift store today to accumulate some items to top off his costume with no success. ah, but not for me! i found the wicked, retardly awesome vintage fringed out bodysuit by Moschino. it's so good it hurts. i will take some photos of it later really just speaks for itself. saw a couple of sexy chubbys in there as well but i have to wait until after my trip to Cali to even begin thinking about those.

this is what i wore today :

Mossimo knit cardi - Beacon's Closet NYC
Gantos 80's African print romper - thrifted in Aspen
AA shiny leggings
BF's thick snow socks
Ebay shiny
Gold cuff thrifted in MD

I miss my NYC :(


  1. hope you will get to visit NYC soon ;-))) btw: you really pulled off the legging so well - just perfect figure :-))) love love the foxy-brown look, xx

  2. Where do you get off having such a ridiculous bod?!?!! Seriously, you've just inspired me to get back into the gym.